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Welcome to the new Langford Community Academy website.    Home of the Mighty Langford Lions.       Pursuing Academic Excellence!.
1st grade Position Email
Ms. Tamara Nicholson Teacher N/A
Mrs Monica Norise 1st grade teacher N/A
2nd grade Position Email
Mrs. Karen Moore Teacher N/A
Ms. Tamara Nicholson Teacher N/A
3rd grade Position Email
Mrs. Michelle Bullock Teacher N/A
Mrs. Charise Gardner Teacher N/A
4th grade Position Email
Mrs. Clara Paul Teacher N/A
MS. Nadra Ruff Teacher N/A
MS. Ebony Slaton Teacher N/A
5th grade Position Email
Ms. Lasonia Peebles Teacher N/A
Jermaine Washington N/A N/A
6th grade Position Email
Mrs. Marsandra Brown Teacher N/A
7th grade Position Email
Mr. Mahiri Anderson Teacher N/A
Ms. Krystal Garrett Teacher N/A
Mrs. Adebisi Ige Teacher N/A
8th grade Position Email
Ms. Kianda Lee N/A N/A
Ms. Rachel Sarauw Teacher N/A
Kindergarten Position Email
Ms. Danielle Brewer N/A N/A
Ms. Toni Hawkins N/A N/A
Music Position Email
Ms. Octavia Lord Teacher N/A
Physical Education Position Email
Ms. Birdia Deshazer N/A N/A
Science Position Email
Mr. Nathan Florell Teacher N/A